Well Child Visits

Well child visits are an important part of your child's health care.  At each visit, a physical exam is performed and any necessary immunizations are given and lab tests done.  We discuss a variety of topics including growth and development, feedings and behavior.  These visits give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have and address concerns you may have concerning your child.  Having regular well child visits with your child's provider is a key ingredient in helping the provider know you and your child, and forming a reliable and trustworthy relationship for future care. 

We see children at:

  • 1 Week old - Follow up hospital visit
  • 1 Month old
  • 2 Months old
  • 4 Months old
  • 6 Months old
  • 9 Months old
  • 12 Months old
  • 15 Months old
  • 18 Months old
  • 2 years old
  • 3 years old
  • 4 years old
  • 5 years old
  • 6-21 yearly
Please call (314) 353-8777 to schedule your well visits.  We look forward to seeing you!


Please finish all portions of forms that require completion by a parent prior to the well visit. In addition, make certain that the patient’s name and date of birth are written on each form.

Missouri State High School Activities Association Forms (MSHSAA)

Southwest Pediatrics has the ability to print the MSHSAA form from our electronic medical record system. If you know that your child requires this form to participate in high school athletics, please let your nurse know and we will provide you with the form at the end of your child’s well visit.

Physical Forms and Shot Records

Please let your nurse know if you would like a copy of your child’s well visit or a shot record. These forms can easily be printed after your child’s well visit.

Age 13 Years and Older

The doctors and nurse practitioners at Southwest Pediatrics feel it is essential to build a trusting relationship with your teenager.  To achieve this we believe it is important for our providers to spend some time alone with patients in this age group without their parents present.  We want to make this a comfortable environment for our patients by giving them privacy and an opportunity to speak freely with their provider. Following the interview and exam, you will be brought back to your child’s room to speak with the provider. Thank you for entrusting your children with us for these adolescent years.

Minor Patient Unaccompanied by Parent

If your child comes to a well visit without a parent, you may send a signed note giving permission for shots to be administered or lab work to be performed. If the patient does not have a note, we will call a parent for permission prior to administering vaccines or performing lab work.

18 Year Release

All patients age 18 years and older will be asked to complete a medical release form. This form allows the non-minor patient to authorize release of medical information to their parents/legal guardian if they so choose. This form must be completed yearly to be valid. Without a medical release form on file, information regarding non-minor patients cannot be given to parents/legal guardians.

Yearly Well Visits and Insurance

Many insurance providers require that yearly well visits occur on or after the date of the well visit from the previous year in order to be covered. Please check with your insurance provider if you feel this may be an issue.